Lamborghini Club of Canada

In April 2017 the Lamborghini Club of Canada was officially recognised by the Lamborghini family and Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini in Italy and personnally signed by Ferruccio Lamborghini, grandson of the founder of Automobili Lamborghini.


In Jan 2020 a contract was signed between Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. and the Lamborghini Club of Canada making it the sole, officially recognised club in Canada.

About Us...

The Lamborghini Club of Canada was started in the 1970s by writer and Lamborghini owner Ken Browning. His passion for the brand led him to want to gather other owners who could share their knowledge to keep these classic cars on the road while enjoying group drives and gatherings together. It wasn't long before Ken encountered the unique challenges that organizing such a club presented due to the vast distances between major cities in Canada that at the time was cared for by only one authorised Lamborghini dealer importing very few cars (only 60 by 1975). Another challenge came from the factory's lack of interest in supporting clubs at the time and so Ken's interest in keeping the club going soon dissipated.


The Lamborghini Club of Canada was subsequently restarted and abandoned numerous times in the ensuing years with John Coppolino having a commendable go at it from 1988-98. John too encountered difficultiess keeping sizeable groups together anywhere in Canada, again due to the limited numbers of car entering the country (only 226 in total from 1963-1990) again combined with how spread out the cars were and the difficulties this posed for any kind of organized events.


In 1998 the Club was again restarted by its current Club President, Glen Kohut who was at the time running the International Lamborghini Registry. Glen had contacted the factory regarding their assisting with getting the club going again, to which the suggestion was made by a factory representative in Italy that Glen take this on, reasoning that "you are already doing much of the work there." Sometimes it's difficult to argue with logic and Glen was soon off and running with organizing owners and enthuisiasts and helping in other ways.


Today the Lamborghini Club of Canada continues to promote the ownership, restoration, preservation, display, drving and otherwise enjoyment of Lamborghini automobiles throughout the country.

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Club Administrators...


Yearly membership includes exclusive access to a members only portion of this web site (presently under construction), club meetings, events, member drives and rallies as well as access to technical information, and classified advertising, as well as discounts on original classic parts, special Lamborghini events, tickets for visits to the Lamborghini factory & museum, restorations carried out by the Lamborghini Polo Storico and Lamborghini merchandise.

Club President:  Glen Kohut,

Western Canada Rep:  Ryan Fipke

Eastern Canada Rep:  Olivier Nameche


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